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ENCO240: Portable 240W 3USB-C&1USBA GaN Charger

ENCO240: Portable 240W 3USB-C&1USBA GaN Charger

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|140W USB-C|3C & 1 A Ports|240W Total Output | 90° FOLD | Charge 4 USB devices at the same time|

Introducing GW-240, the ultimate 240W wall charger supporting PD3.1 protocol. With 3 USB-C ports (140W, 100W, 65W) and 1 USB-A port (60W), it charges 4 devices simultaneously. Its global compatibility and extendable cord make it perfect for travel. Experience lightning-fast, efficient charging with GW-240.

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The Revolutionary Multi-Port Charger

ENCO240: Portable 240W 3USB-C&1USBA GaN Charger

|140W USB-C| 3C&1 A Ports|240W Total Output | Charge 4 USB devices at the same time|

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PD 3.1

Support 140W Output

Enco240 adopts the latest PD3.1 protocol, allowing a single port to reach a maximum output power of 140W (28V/5A).It is fully compatible with the MacBook Pro 16 and provides a fast and efficient charging experience in a short period of time.improved.


Multi-Port Fast Charging

Enco240 features 4 charging ports, 3 USB-C ports, and 1 USB-A port. Each port has different power outputs: 140W, 100W, 65W, and 60W. This allows for simultaneous charging of multiple devices with different charging needs, thereby enhancing device operational efficiency.

Small Size

Compact & Efficient

The The dimensions of enco240 are 90x65x36mm, about the size of a credit card, yet it can provide a charging power of up to 240W, achieving a power density of 1.14W/cm³.


Global Coverter Plug

Enco240 is a convenient and powerful charger that is ideal for world travel. It supports a wide voltage range (100V-240V) and is compatible with various plug standards used in different countries. Simply by swapping the plugs, you can use it anywhere in the world without any issues.

Transforms Into Desktop Charger

Addition to meeting the charging needs on the go, enco240 can also adapt to more complex usage scenarios, such as transforming into a desktop charger by connecting an extension cable. It is designed to accommodate various charging environments and provide flexibility in its use.


Intellingent Power Allocation

Enco240 has intelligent power distribution capabilities that allow it to efficiently allocate power to connected devices. With its multiple charging ports, each with different power outputs, it can intelligently distribute power based on the connected devices' charging requirements.


Universal Compatibility

Compatible with various devices like Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, laptops, tablets, smartphones, drones, cameras, and headphones for hassle-free charging.